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Spin your way into shape with a Pole Dance Fit class! With a combination of various toning and strengthening exercises, unique stretches and pole moves you can achieve a full body workout using the dance pole. This class is designed so women of all ages and abilities can improve their core stability, muscular strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and confidence. Lose the weights and get into shape with Pole Dance Fit! Intro. Classes Available for Absolute Beginners. Classes are done barefoot or with socks!

Exotic Dance

A not so ordinary class focusing on floor work, sensual stretching and utilizing the dance pole to execute routines including spins, combinations and transitions. Moderate stretching at the end of class to increase flexibility.

Chair Dance

Add a new twist to your pole class. Chair Dance classes consist of a choreographed routine including both the dance pole and a chair. Learn how to properly incorporate props into a new dance or your current dance routines.

Pole Conditioning

Open to all levels, this class is designed to increase your strength & flexibility with a strong focus on proper body alignment & core development. No spins or tricks, pole conditioning is a full body workout class designed to strengthen your pole moves & body dramatically while promoting muscular balance & stamina.  Both men & women welcome in this class, appropriate for all levels, including beginners!


Our newest addition to the pole program, CardioPole is a class for anyone and everyone looking to lose weight and tone their entire body while having fun doing it!  All are welcome in this exciting choreographed dance class, no pole experience necessary!    *This class requires sneakers*


Ready to learn new tricks and skills on the pole? This class focuses on strength and flexibility while ensuring proper progression and execution of acro skills on the pole. Polenastics brings gymnastics and calisthenics to the pole and will improve physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and balance. All levels welcome!


….Ask us how to plan a private class for you and your friends at no additional charge than a regular class!


*All classes are 1 hour unless specified otherwise.
**All classes open to all levels.


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