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STEPHANIE: The classes are so enjoyable that you wouldn’t think you were exercising if it weren’t for the sweating :-) !! They nurture the beginners and challenge even the most seasoned fitness gurus.  A nice, clean, non-gymlike environment. A refreshing change of pace.


DENISE: LI Dance Fitness changed my life!!! If you have not been to LI Dance fitness yet, your missing out!!!


RITA:  LI Dance Fitness is by far THE best dance studio ever!!! The only thing that gets me through each day is thinking about going to class later that evening and having the chance to learn some new moves, master old ones and have a GREAT time with a fantastic group of ladies… and sometimes guys!!!

I love how versatile the classes are and how there is something for everyone. I even convinced my man to come with me to a conditioning class and Lauren was even able to challenge him – and he works out hardcore everyday!!

Lauren is a super sweet owner and teacher; she makes everyone feel really comfortable and is always really encouraging. Joining LIDF was one of the best decisions I have ever made – especially with a wedding coming up!!! Doing cardio and eating healthy just wasn’t cutting it – I knew that I had to incorporate some muscle strengthening for toning and the Pole Classes are JUST the thing for it!! Since I started in January I’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight but even better?? INCHES!!! I feel super sexy and cannot wait to put on my wedding dress! And it’s all thanks to Lauren and the lovely ladies at LI Dance Fit!

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