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  1. How long are classes?
  2. Can I participate with no experience?
  3. What do I wear for class?
  4. How many people are in each class?
  5. What is the age requirement?
  6. What is the difference between Intro. PoleDanceFit and PoleDanceFit?
  7. Do I need to sign up in advance?
  8. What is involved in a Pole Party?

How long are classes?

All classes are 1 hour in length unless otherwise noted.Back to the top.

Can I participate with no experience?

Yes, all classes are open to all levels unless otherwise noted. It is not mandatory to take an Intro. PoleDanceFit before joining the regular class however it is recommended to learn the basic fundamentals before beginning PoleDanceFit. All participants should be cleared to exercise by his/her physician before entering any exercise program.Back to the top.

What do I wear for class?

For Zumba® it is recommended to wear sneakers with minimal tread on the bottom and loose fitting, breathable clothing. PoleDanceFit & Chair Dance classes are done either barefoot or with socks. Please no oils, lotions or jewelry on poles.Back to the top.

How many people are in each class?

LI Dance Fitness prides itself with providing intimate and personalized classes. In order to maximize personal attention and individual results, we only allow one participant per pole, allowing only 8 girls in each pole class. Group Fitness classes can be up to 15-20 people per class at peak hours.Back to the top.

What is the age requirement

All participants under 18 must have signed approval from a parent or guardian before entering any class.Back to the top.

What is the Difference Between Intro. PoleDanceFit and PoleDanceFit?

Intro. classes involve more detailed explanations of hand grips, body positioning and safety precautions in addition to extra flexibility and strength building exercises. These classes are designed for everyone including absolute beginners where the PoleDanceFit class exercises and routines require more upper body strength.Back to the top.

Do I Need to Sign-up in Advance?

Advance registration is highly recommended in order to guarantee your spot in class. This can be done either at the studio or online at Drop-Ins are welcome for group fitness classes however if you wish to join a pole class you are not pre-registered for please call first to check availability.Back to the top.

What is Involved in a Pole Party?

Pole dancing parties are fully customizable to your individual needs. We’ve done parties for all occasions, including Bachelorette, Birthday, Corporate Outings, Girl’s Night Out, etc. Parties can be custom tailored for a one-of-a-kind personalized exercise experience, a fun mix of choreographed routines and dance moves, exotic & chair dance instruction…the possibilities are endless! Please let us know any special requests and we are more than happy to work our hardest to accommodate.Back to the top.

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